A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is the Demo for the visual novel Once More, which is an ADV visual novel about love and loss.

There exists a library where books rest without words. Instead, those who read these books see what the authors themselves imagined. It is within this Great Library that the protagonist, Felix, makes a deal with the reaper Shifa: if he can show her the difference between romance in the worlds of fiction she's lived through, and how romance plays out in reality, she'll allow him to add a single book to the Library's collection. 

With a newfound hope , Felix accepts the deal so that he can add a single book to the library: the diary of his late girlfriend.

Will he move on and find a new partner, or will he find the ending he's always wanted for himself?

The choice will be yours.

An updated demo is scheduled to release Summer 2020 has been released!

Demo Features:

  • Around 2-3 hours of content
  • CGs, Chibi Cards, and Background Art with high quality
  • OST from talented contemporary artists
  • Voice Acting
  • Polished GUI with Music Room, Gallery, and Scene Jump
  • Customizable options
    • Toggle Audio/Voice/SFX On/Off
    • Fullscreen Support
    • Text Skip adjustments
  • Character introductions and main plot hook setups

Expanded Demo Features:

  • Spend another week in the world of Once More
  • Additional content length is slightly longer than the previous demo
  • Be used as a leg rest by your nerdy childhood friend
  • Build a PC with a smol reaper
  • Train an AI waifu... a wAIfu!
  • Clear up misunderstandings with the icy queen
  • Get involved in a new film project with an energetic waifu
  • Try not to cry
  • GUI sounds... Save and Load at least once okay?
  • Try not to cry again

Join our Discord to leave feedback, watch our progress, report a bug, or just hang out with the team:  https://discord.gg/GFhmAhs

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Install instructions

Extract the downloaded zip file and run the Once More program. 


OnceMore-1.0-mac.zip 655 MB
OnceMore-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 594 MB
OnceMore-1.0-pc.zip 670 MB
Nia Alpha Build Mac (PW Protected) 747 MB
Nia Alpha Build PC (PW Protected) 774 MB

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This demo alone was so good! Just finished it. Really looking forward to the full game. I have no idea why there are so little comments. The voice acting was very nice, the story too and you can literally see how much work was put into it.

(Very subtle spoilers?)

 There were especially some parts where the plot left me surprised- for example when you meet Cami you know where and the way the whole thing is written. Also I really like Shifa, all of the characters are great but I think she is my favorite. Plus; the thing that the story is based on and where Felix is trying to get to- is such a good and smart idea!
And the voice from when you save or load- that's a new thing. And I like it.

All I can say is that it was a masterpiece.


Thank you so much! We really do need to market more haha, but I'm trying to build up on that front before marketing consistently! Shifa is such a fun character to write I'm glad you like her!

We'll keep working hard so that you can say the full game is a masterpiece too!


1st hour of Once More. <3

Good stuff right here